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this weekend at comic-con (random thought)

my very intimidating boss gave me some advice: so we’re having dinner and drinks and starts to talk about dating and mind you i am pretty quiet, she asks how old i am, tells me that i’m pretty, and that i’m at that age where i should not give a fuck and to be confident, basically saying i shouldn’t give a fuck about guys which i completely agree but just hilarious to hear from her 

and well, i have heard that many times already and in no way did i ask or say anything to insinuate wanting to a hear response like that but it did make me feel better because it’s good to hear she thinks i’m pretty lmfaooooo because i always feel like she hates me so it’s the first compliment and probably all i will ever get from her hahahahah like it just confirms she knows what i look like.. i know so lame of me but whatever i’m not invisible yay 

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Who’s in San Diego this weekend/going to Comic Con?

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have you ever had super deep thoughts late at night 

you wake up in the morning afraid 

as if you got drunk and might have said something you shouldn’t have

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