23 years young. Los Angeles, CA.
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happy one year to me and my job

mixed and bitter sweet feelings.

I wish I could say why. I wish I could say why it’s so brutal. Why it’s so cut throat. But I know this is a test and I wouldn’t have been put to it if the world didn’t think I could get through it.

In a sense, I am thankful to realize this now very early on. It’s just ironic how some books I have read about manning up and having to be tough at work felt inapplicable to where I wanted to excel in a career.

How naive of me.

It’s all just starting to make sense and I realize why people say the entertainment industry is one of the hardest to be in.

But either way, I am proud of all the personal growth I have made. I’m proud for learning more about myself and how to handle situations. I’m proud to have made it a year. I’m still thankful to have been blessed to have my first job be immediately in the industry I wanted to be so quickly out of college. I’m not going to give up.
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it’s 1964 I’m on a balcony smoking a really long cigarette and some lofty music is playing I drop my martini on the floor it breaks and 5 men scramble to get me a new one

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When contemplating a $15.00 purchase

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"Your real first love will make you realize that your first love wasn’t really your first love."
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