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very important things i have learned this week:

1— keep feelings aside. work is work. we are all trying to achieve the same goal. don’t hold bitterness. if someone annoys you, move along. if someone says something you don’t like, disregard it. it is a waste of valuable mental time to be sinking into a comment someone has made about you or to you. 

be confident as fuck. know your worth, remind yourself of it every day. and if you do this, the small stuff won’t matter. 

2— you are going to make a shitload of mistakes. hell, i have made many. but if you do your best at the moment with what you know, to the best of your ability, that is all you can then. but later, you may recognize that it maybe wasn’t the best way to handle a certain situation. but that is OK. learn from it. now you know what to do next time. the mistakes that i have made are very minor, whether it’s being too quiet, not speaking up when i should, not shaking hands with people i should probably shakes hands with, underestimating my abilities, holding back…. even so, i have slowly been bettering myself. 

this week i really conquered some minor fears of mine. i took chances, and i expressed myself, and as soon as i did, i felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, and in the end it has improved my relationships with people and i am no longer afraid.

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I feel like I have struck gold

in knowing that I am headed in the right direction. 

this is all so exciting. 

this is where I am going to be. I just need to make the right decisions. 

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I remember working a work event in big bear, where we gave away free lift passes and had bands play up by the slopes. 

there was a certain band that was on first and they had the tiniest little crowd, but i stood there enjoying it all. savoring and taking it in and believing for them. i would say less than sixty people, most who just continued to walk by. 

and now this band has over one million views on one of their singles. and they are growing.

being there when they were small, i just can’t express how incredibly beautiful it is to see a band you love flourish. 

i talk about bands and i have so much passion. you won’t know who they are now, you just wait a few years and you’ll see. 

you’ll see. 

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Becoming more confident. Confident in where I am, who I am, where I am going.

Do what you love, and find a way to get paid for it. 

It’s out there. I am here. 

It’s only getting better. 

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