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Note to self:

Relax. Smile. Meet people. Network. Be friendly. Flirt. Compliment a guy on his shoes. Don’t be shy. Don’t laugh at something if you don’t think it’s funny. Walk away and don’t entertain any situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. Be aggressive and don’t feel bad or over think if you were too much. Be you. Let each moment pass. You don’t owe anyone anything. Be nice. Say thank you.

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We admire people for being themselves, for being unique, characters in movies and the actors that portray them

But in every day life, we aren’t so kind

And it drives me fucking crazy how much people judge others

Every little comment you make, those little remarks are always a reflection of yourself. I think those little remarks speak more of ones character than doing one large deed and I wish more people would get that

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So much to learn, so much to grow from

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Idk I guess sometimes I think about

How maybe it would be cool if someone came along that made all the bullshit worth it and I realize why it never worked out with anyone else

I don’t mean for this to sound pessimistic at all, in fact I think it’s a positive way to think and accept that I’ll be alone. In a non lonely way, you know? To shape a life for yourself and enjoy moments with yourself. Enjoy the happiness in your own presence so if someone does come along, you know you’re fine with you.

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Reminder: Women do not need to be polite to someone who is making them uncomfortable.

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really haven’t been feeling it lately.

feel like I’m in my own interim.

this’ll fade away soon. right?

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